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Chronically Ill
Yet Chronically Powerful
With Kemi King

Welcome to my personal blog as I share my journey with chronic illness. The difficult road to diagnosis of hEDS, MCAS & POTS.  Come with me as I navigate the world trying to balance my autonomy & dependence on others in the face of chronic illness. I will also share tips that I have personally found help. 

There is life beyond illness & I find it important spend some time engaging in a creative outlet. This outlet for me has been cooking. Although I am unable to taste what I cook, I still find joy in delivering a dish Engage with me as I share my favorite recipes. Although, I am unable to taste what I cook, the joy of seeing others happily eating my cooking is more than I can ever ask for. 

Don’t just pass by, stay & share your journey, challenges & triumphs.

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Driving down my street on a summer day, you can’t help but to notice hydrangeas  in front of each my neighbors house. I’ve always loved hydrangeas & wished for one at my home.  So it was a treat to see that these majestic beauties flourishing came with the house we purchased.  Enjoy this video showing how to successfully propagate Hydrangeas

Don't be sad because it's over, be happy because it happened.

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