There are two historical events recorded when time stopped. The sun hung in the sky not settling until the war ended. It was honestly a miracle. I will add another instance when time stopped. You judge for yourself if there is any truth to these words.

September 5th 2010, the day I became Mrs Jerard Robert King. I had honestly lived before then but in a maze looking for the love he had already given me. Our love is not prophetic, I am not even sure of it’s significance compared to those that came before us. There is Romeo & Juliet but they died for love. That doesn’t count because I promised I’d live for you not die for you. And aren’t they fictitious characters anyway? It’s easier to die than to live because living takes forgiveness. Now to our oath, they’ve taken the stage so listen.

Our words embraced each other and there we were bound by an oath, unshakable, unbreakable. No separation. The same oath the universe has taken since time started that we’d find the sun stationed in its place for an eternally infinite amount of time. We had something to prove and only time would tell. The love he gave was like none other and only time has cured it to what we have today.  Inseparable love in friendship, in brotherhood & sisterhood, yes he even became my sister. As we walk this journey, even our shadows became inseparable giving ode to our eternal bond. Each year we created a tapestry of Jerard & Kate isms.

If our love ever became a judicial matter then we’d be guilty of becoming each other. Our peeves has taken shape in us as his becomes mine & mine becomes his. No longer do I like the tag of the comforter touching my skin. And no longer does he go on vacations & tirelessly try every activity offered. Getting our money’s worth is now  sleeping in & ordering meals to our room. We are now the vacation sleepers.

The clock has been running since that day. And there we were sitting side by side. And 12 years to forever, we are living that promise. We were introduced to the moon 2 years apart, I before you. But honestly, I will say again, I wasn’t living until I met you. It was when we were married, I took my first breath, living on the love you provide. At times you are the only air I could breathe.

I thought to myself I could sing for you , but it’d be someone else’s words. I could draw for you but my feelings would be left to be analyzed & speculated. A picture is worth a thousand words but it still wouldn’t be my words. Then I said I would write my feelings for you. And so there, as loudly as I could articulate my feelings for you, I have penned my feelings. And now with the clock ticking & eternity in sight, I continue just as I ought to be, Mrs Jerard Robert King forever.

Your always truly madly,


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