Repurposing Old Office Desk Into A Planter

This year, our garden didn’t take off as expect. I have bern sicker than I have been in my life and we were bogged down with appointments & procedures etc Regardless I wanted to get some dirt on my hands. Having a patio garden will draw me out & give me a break from the relentless medical charades of my daily life. It would be nice to care for something other than myself.


I knew I couldn’t start my seeds as it was May already. I reached out to a friend who was knowledgeable about gardening and asked for her recommendation. She was very kind to pick up the items I needed from Lowes.

I made a decision to declutter my bedroom. I no longer need the office desk in room because I was not working. I was wondering what to do with it. Then I remembered a pin I saved on pinterest of an old dresser turned into a planter. So out I go.

As with any task I embark on, I have negotiate what I will have to give the following days to come. My legs will only tolerate me standing up for no more than 2 hours a day. I usually split that time through out the day to avoid continuous pressure on my joints.

I originally wanted to fill each drawer with flowers but I decided to change last minute. 2 reasons why, I did not gave enough potting soil and would have had to pull each drawer out further than I wanted to. My husband is off the next few days and I want surprise him.

I lined to bottom of the drawer with parchment paper. No rhyme or reason. That’s what I had. I placed bricks in the back of the drawers. This was to keep the drawer from falling forward. Another purpose was to minimize the amount of potting soil needed.


I started with the bottom drawer 1st. Pulled it out the farthest. I wanted a stair case design. Then added my flowers. There is no rule about the placement of the plants. I know I did want crawling and creeping plants to create a waterfall effect. I also wanted the flowers to contrast the bold color of the desk. Remember to select the correct flower to the amount of sun in the area you are going to place the desk. It is easier to find a plant that matches your setting, than trying to get the setting to match the amount of the plant.

Now the hard part, keeping the plants alive. I’m a lazy gardener. But I am determined to keep these flowers going.

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