Emergency Medications

I do not leave the house with out my emergency bag. Why? It is essential to my survival. It contains life saving medications in case of emergency. Will share with you why I believe every one with life threatening allergies should have a bag like this.

Everyone has either seen or experienced an emergency unexpectedly. Our fight or flight response makes it difficult to remember where we put things we need. Having an emergency bag or pouch makes it easier to administer timely treatment. I keep this bag organized & stocked at all times. It is exclusively used for my emergency medications. I carry this bag around the house with me. When I switch rooms I take the bag with me. My husband finds this method useful as well because he does not have to run around look for my medicatio s or medical devices when I’m incapacitated.

When I need it, I can quickly reach for it and administer care to myself. In an acute situation such as anaphylaxis time is of the essence. When I switch rooms I take it with me.

What Is In My Emergency Bag?

  • Benadryl capsules compounded
  • Benadryl vial
  • 24 Gauge 1in syringe
  • Albuterol inhaler
  • 2 EpiPens
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Primatene mist inhaler
  • Prednisone
  • Cyclobenzaprine
  • Pulse ox

My medications are tailored to my needs. Everyone’s needs are different depending on what your physician has prescribed for you. The Cyclobenzaprine may seem out of place but for me personally, I’ve noticed I get muscle spasms after a severe reaction. The worst of it is esophageal spasms.

Believe it or not I take my emergency bag with me when I have to go to the Emergency Room. And it has saved my life. Once I had to self administer EpiPen while in the ER. That’s a story for another day.

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