How You Can Afford Your Prescription Medication At A Discounted Price

Have you ever been excited to finally get a prescription you needed desperate approved by your insurance & find out the copay is unaffordable? Or you don’t have insurance for a prescription you need? Sometimes your physician may want you to take the brand name medication or there may be no generic option available.

It is no secret that the FDA does not regulate the price a pharmaceutical company can charge for their medications. The price can differ from one company to another or from one state to another. Well there is good news. There are other options available to you.

Your Options

What are your options? First, you can ask your physician to prescribe the generic version for you. What if there is no generic version? Pharmaceutical companies offer discount savings card at prices far lesser than market value. You can search Google for the brand name medication for the official site for prescription savings card.

However, there are some caveats. Many of these pharmaceutical companies require you have commercial insurance. Federal and state funded insurances such as Medicare & Medicaid are may be excluded. There may be a cap for the amount of discount savings you can use per year.

Ask your physician if you can take half the dose or take it every other day

What I have done in the past is ask my physician if I can take half the dose prescribed to stretch out my prescription, or if I can take the full dose every other day to minimize the impact on my wallet. This may not work for every medication but it’s worth a try.

Please stay tuned for a list of medications that have prescription savings discount.

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