3 Unusual symptoms of Anaphylaxis

  • Back pain or spasms
  • Uterine cramping
  • Bone pain

Y es, those three. Are you suprised? The first time I experienced anaphylaxis with the use of EpiPen, I had severe back pain and spasms. Things went in this sequence: severe itching, abdominal pain excruciating back pain, uterine cramp, then the fainting

After things settled down, I said wait a minute! Where did that back pain come from. Of course I googled it and yes back spasms can occur as one of the symptoms of anaphylaxis. The back pain is actually related to uterine cramps.

I have yet to get a straightforward answer as to why I experience bone pain, but other mcas sufferers have informed me they get bone pain as well. Mine lasts for about 2 hours after having a reaction. For me, the severity of my bone pain correlates with how the severity my reaction.

What unusual symptoms have you experienced?

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