Is There Any Truth To Hypoallergenic Cosmetics?

First, the facts.. It is true that the FDA does not regulate hypoallergenic products. They tried to but met with severe opposition from the cosmetics industry.

What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

Hypoallergenic means the product was specifically designed to cause less reaction or irritation than conventional cosmetic product. However, each company can decide what their formula will contain. term hypoallergenic can be used loosely based on what the company classifies as hypoallergenic.

Facts Versus Myth About Hypoallergenic Cosmetics

If a product states it is proven to be hypoallergenic through rigorous testing, then it is safe to use. Let’s consider some facts. Anyone can become allergic to anything during their lifetime. No two allergic reactions to the same substance presents the same way. I can personally say I have reacted to the same substance and had variations in my reaction from mild to severe (Anaphylaxis). Do does that mean you should stay away from hypoallernic products?

Know Before You Buy

There are companies that genuinely care about making sure those with skin sensitives or allergies have access to safer products. The label is helpful to narrow down products that may work for you. But avoid the pitfalls of following hypoallergenic fads or advertising.
Do your homework on the product. Read the label. The ingredients should be familiar to you, easy to understand, clear and not vague.

Skin Care Shopping Tips For Those Who Have MCAS

Shopping Tips For Those With MCAS

What do you think? Should hypoallergenic products be regulated?

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